Why Are Mouthguards So Important for Protecting Your Teeth?

Lots of Aussie families are mad about sports, and especially during the summer months. However, contact and non-contact sports can increase the risk of dental injury. A blow to the face can potentially chip or crack teeth or knock them out entirely, and it can harm your jaws. Also, it can cause injuries to your lips, tongue or cheeks. Dental injuries can be upsetting for everyone concerned, and sometimes the restorative treatment needed is lengthy and costly.

A well-fitting mouthguard is the best way to reduce the risk of dental injuries. Think of a custom mouthguard as a crash helmet for your teeth and jaws, and because it prevents your jaws from meeting together fully, it also helps to prevent the risk of concussion and jaw joint injuries.

Here at Dentapex, we can provide you and your family with well-fitting, custom-made mouthguards created from the highest quality materials. Our mouthguards are odour and taste free and are specifically designed to provide maximum protection, cushioning your teeth and jaws against an unexpected blow or knock. Because a custom-fitted mouthguard is comfortable to wear, it’s far more likely to be used. In contrast, over-the-counter mouthguards are often uncomfortable and affect breathing and speech and offer only minimal protection at best.


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