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Tooth whitening technique is helpful for those who are having yellow discolored teeth. This procedure helps in regaining the natural color of teeth by just separating the outer layer of teeth. This procedure helps in removing stains from teeth.

To maintain the color of teeth a patient must go for regular tooth whitening procedure. An individual who is having gum problems or tooth decay, tooth whitening may make his/her teeth sensitive.

Reasons for having yellow Teeth

  • Having tobacco
  • Not taking proper care of teeth
  • Taking liquids like alcohol, tea, coffee or wine.

Teeth Whitening Procedure

Tooth whitening Australia is done with the help of bleaching. This bleaching directly strikes the outer teeth layer. This bleaching process is best for the yellow colored teeth. The main disadvantage of having this bleaching is that this does not work with the grey colored teeth.  The tooth whitening procedure is very safe because the chemical used for performing bleach does not affect the tooth.

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