Simple Ways You Can Spring Clean Your Health

It can be quite cathartic to spring clean your home and to get rid of unwanted junk, but it can also help to think about sprucing up your health and wellness routines at this time of year. It isn’t necessary to overhaul your entire life as even little changes can make a difference. Perhaps start your day with some deep breathing or relaxation exercises, or maybe take the time to plan a walk and especially as outdoor walking meditations can help to boost mental health and stimulate your senses.

Try to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather, and you don’t need to be active all the time. Just being in the fresh air and out in nature can help relieve the stress, and a short time in the sun is all you need to get enough vitamin D. If you’ve been thinking about overhauling your workout routine, why not incorporate some short bursts of high-intensity interval training which will burn more calories and are quick and fun. Strenuous workouts aren’t for everybody, but gardening can be a great exercise, and it’s extremely satisfying to see plants grow and thrive, and especially if you want to grow veggies or herbs. Otherwise, visit farmers markets and purchase some beautiful fresh seasonal produce as veggies are great for boosting digestive health.


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