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Change your overall facial appearance with the help of our professional orthodontist in Stanhope Gardens and Padstow. This dental treatment is beneficial for those persons who are having improper teeth, which may result in improper bite.

Who can go with the Orthodontic treatment?

  • Persons who are having gaps between teeth.
  • A person having crowded Teeth.
  • A person who face difficulty while speaking and eating.

How Dentists and Orthodontists are Different?

Some of the persons are quite confused about Stanhope Gardens dentist and

orthodontists in Stanhope Gardens & Padstow

. Both of the dentists as well as orthodontists helps in improving the oral health of patients.  A dentist deals in gums, teeth and jaws, whereas an orthodontist deals in correcting the position of teeth. One main thing to consider is that an orthodontist can be a dentist, but a dentist cannot be an orthodontist.

In terms of education, an orthodontist requires more education as compare to a regular dentist. If a patient is suffering from the problem like improper bite, then a dentist refer him/her to an orthodontist.

Dental Braces – Straighter Teeth, Brighter Smile

Dental braces treatment is the best option for those, who have misaligned bite, crooked teeth. This treatment is helpful in straightening teeth. This treatment gives beautiful smile

Dental Braces for Adults

At Dentapex, you can have dental braces treatment at any age. Just come our Dental clinic at Stanhope Gardens and Padstow or you can easily book your dental appointment.

Do’s and Don’ts for braces

Don’ts:· Avoid eating Hard things like apples, raw vegetables, chicken wings and food having high sugar.
· Avoid eating nuts, popcorns, pencils and ice cubes.
· Go for eatables like eggs, milkshakes, potatoes and cheese.

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